Bravely Second: End Layer

Bravely Second: End Layer

Return to the Kingdom of Luxendarc...

Release Date: February 26th 2016 - View our other massive releases on our Games Calendar

Following on from the 2013 handheld Role Playing Game masterpiece Bravely Default, celebrated as a return to form for Final Fantasy developers Square Enix, the story of the Wind Vestal and her allies returns in Bravely Second: End Layer. Released as a smash hit in Japan back in April 2015, Bravely Second finally makes it to our shores and exclusively into your Nintendo 3DS systems!

Following on from the legendary tale of Bravely Default, two and a half years have passed and Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy Agnés Oblige has been kidnapped. It's up to Orthodoxy Swordsman Yew Zeneolsia, with the help of mysterious ally Magnolia Arch and old friends Tiz Arrior and Edea Lee, to save the day.

With an expansive job roster, exceptionally detailed combat system and beautiful hand-drawn artwork, Bravely Second: End Layer promises more of the same for fans of the original game.

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What’s Expected

Set a few years after Bravely Default, Bravely Second: End Layer takes place in a world recovering from the aftermath of the war for the crystals. Luxendarc is in a time of peace, with Agnés Oblige's careful guidance helping to restore a world devoted to the Crystals that sustain it. The game begins on the cusp of a new chapter in Luxendarc's history as Agnés prepares to sign a peace treaty with old adversaries the Duchy of Eternia, when mysterious new forces arrive on the scene to disrupt proceedings...


Bravely Second Screenshot

Bravely Second retains the complex turn-based action of its predecessor with the titular Brave and Default mechanics, and many in-game elements will be familiar to fans of the Final Fantasy series. Navigate the vast world of Luxendarc in the Overworld view with all new explorable areas adding to the return of familiar locations. Revel in a fully personalised combat experience with the difficulty and encounter rate able to be set by you, taking the grind out of the story and allowing you to level your characters on your own terms with all new ability Consecutive Chance, allowing you to test your skill for additional reward by offering you the challenge of facing multiple consecutive battles together for cumulative experience bonuses when you defeat all enemies in a single turn.

Bravely Second Screenshot

Enjoy all new features adapted for your convenience; save your character's loadouts in My Sets, allowing you to quickly gear up for different job configurations and recall up to three different Auto-Combat options, allowing you to save move combinations to quickly blast through different groups of conquered dungeon monsters like a breeze.

Chronicle your adventures in U's Journal, and use Streetpass to enlist villagers to defend and rebuild your new companion Magnolia's home village (which is on the moon, of course) from an onslaught of magical creatures to unlock new items and access to unique encounters with challenging abilities unavailable anywhere else in the game.


Tactically execute multi-layered offensives with Bravely Default's eponymous mechanic. Store up your Battle Points each turn and enter a defensive stance with Default then unleash your stored fury in one fell blast with Brave when you have the upper hand. Put your Nintendo 3DS into sleep mode to store up Sleep Points and use them to stop time for devastating attacks with Bravely Second, and share them with your friends through Streetpass Summoning!

All in all, Bravely Second: End Layer is set to be a deeply rich, dark emotional rollercoaster with the same off-beat hilarious relief of the original story as you watch your characters grow together against insurmountable odds.

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