Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition



Release Date: 12th February 2016

If you've not yet played Dying Light then where the heck have you been hiding? Dying Light: The Following is the newest expansion of this mega story and with it comes a whole load of fun and terrifying new extras. You'll delve deeper into the untold story of Kyle Crane and what you'll find is a treasure trove of darkness and sorrow. As you leave the quarantine zone and investigate a mysterious faith that has formed in the recent chaos you'll find yourself wandering in seemingly pristine countryside, unravaged by the infection, but will that actually be the case? This countryside environment is set to be bigger than all the previous aras of Dying Light COMBINED!

Another great new feature in this expansion is the new drivable dirt buddy, and you're going to need it to navigate the now huge maps! The buggy is fully customisable and you can upgrade it with specials weapons and attachments, even add your own decals to create one hell of a deadly, but cool, vehicle.

With this expansion you will automatically receive all the DLC ever previously released in the Dying Light series in one go including the Be the Zombie multiplayer mode, the Cuisine & Cargo challenge missions, the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, The Bozak Horde game mode, and much more.

As we said, if you've not played Dying Light yet then you're in for a treat. Read up on the original game here: From the makers of Dead Island comes the new first person, free running, open world, survival horror game, DYING LIGHT! Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC & CD Key Download from Friday 30th January. Explore and survive a vast open world using parkour style movement to travel smoothly and freely from the ground to rooftops. By Daylight search the city for supplies, weapons and unlock safe houses as you'll need them! Dying Light becomes a whole different story after nightfall when the infected become more aggressive and a new threat hunts your every step!

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