Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal

Become the Hunter

Release Date: 23rd February 2016 - View our other massive releases on our Games Calendar


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The latest from Far Cry creator Ubisoft's award winning series, Far Cry Primal takes us all the way back to the first frontier of man...

Taking us back 12,000 years to the Mesolithic Era after the last Ice Age, Far Cry Primal transports us to a time when nature was thriving and open to whichever man or beast could lay claim to it. Experience the Earth at the dawn of civilisation, when Man was anything but at the top of the food chain.

You take the role of Takkar, seasoned hunter left stranded and alone after a terrible hunting disaster leaves you as the last surviving member of your hunting group. You will need to gather the food and weapons you need from the vast and verdant landscape in order to survive, re-unite your tribe, and seize your claim as the apex predator, protector of your tribe.

Far Cry Primal Xbox One Game
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What’s Expected

Announced 6th October 2015 with a trailer featuring stunning footage of hunters stalking mammoths out in the plains of Oros, communicating emotively in a primitive, wordless language before being ambushed by a huge sabre-toothed tiger, showcased some of the gorgeous art-style and creative direction for this latest Far Cry title, with gameplay focused on extreme survival on the brink of what is possible for humankind.

Far Cry Primal's announced release date is 23rd February 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version release date shortly after in March 2016.

Like every Far Cry before it, Far Cry Primal features an expansive open world that is huge and dense. The savage and diverse frontier of Oros spans wild ecosystems each with unique opportunity for adventure gameplay, from a towering valley of Redwood forests to harsh taiga and murky swamps. Explore a fertile land with a rich cornucopia of life, with roaming beasts featuring complex and intelligent AI, a deep day and night system, and a wealth of natural resources for crafting and developing your weapons.

With nothing standing between you and your enemies beyond what nature provides for you, Takkar will need to craft tools and weapons from the resources he gathers in the wild to enhance gameplay, using wood, stone, and the bones of beasts you’ve killed to improve and upgrade your arsenal; Not only for your own survival, but to protect and nurture your growing tribe, as well.

Over 150 types of weapons are currently speculated to be in the game, including spears, hand-axes, bows and clubs made from bones, ligaments, teeth and claws. As you slay more powerful enemies, more powerful weapons will become available to you based on the natural qualities of the materials you find - a woolly mammoth sinew to give more strength for your bowstring? Deer or oxen hide for your armour? New arrowheads made from wolf fangs? Poison darts made from swamp frogs? Any of this could be possible in Far Cry Primal, and progression will feel both natural and rewarding.

The fall of night in Far Cry Primal will drastically change gameplay as increased danger from nocturnal predators becomes a serious threat. Fire will play an important role in your conquering of the night, offering not only protection from the animals lurking beneath the cover of darkness, but also creative strategies to make the prey become the predator, offering tactical advantages for tackling larger beasts and infiltrating enemy outposts.

Have your breath taken away by untouched natural vistas as you go up against woolly mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers, dire-wolves, vicious enemy tribes and rival hunters. Be careful going in for the kill, as the scent of your prize could attract far bigger dangers...

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Playing on Playstation

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