Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Fates

Torn between two families... Whose side will you choose?

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Two kingdoms stand on the brink of war, and you must choose where your loyalties lie in this ambitious tactical strategy RPG for the Nintendo 3DS family, developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo.

For the first time in a Fire Emblem series, you take the role of your own fully customisable character. Born into the royal line of the Kingdom of Hoshido but kidnapped as a child and raised by the royal family of Nohr, you are forced to choose between the destiny you were born for or the fate of the country that raised you in Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and Conquest

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What’s Expected

After the success of Fire Emblem: Awakening, Intelligent Systems challenged the same team to create a title with an even richer and more ambitious plot for the fifteenth in the much loved Fire Emblem series. The Fire Emblem Fates project (Known as Fire Emblem: If in Japan alluding to the importance of choice in the storyline) enlisted manga and TV storywriter Shin Kibayashi (Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess) and anime screenwriter Yukinari Kitajima (Senran Kagura: Estival Versus) to collaborate on the project to help the team develop a more engaging story and plotline than ever before, resulting in hours of immersive narrative driven gameplay across three chapters - Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, Conquest, and DLC only chapter Revelations.

All three paths offer a vastly different experience in terms of story and choices. Stand with Hoshido and rally your kingdom against Nohr invaders in Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, designed to be accessible for new players or players looking for the authentic Fire Emblem experience, or revolutionise a fractured kingdom from within with limited resources and intricately challenging win criteria in Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, designed to challenge even the most battle-hardened Fire Emblem fan.

Whichever side you choose, you will meet the full cast of characters and enjoy a deep and rich story, where tough choices have fatal consequences.

Alongside the physical releases comes Fire Emblem Fates Revelations. This additional chapter will be purchasable as a bundle in the Special Edition pack or DLC available after your purchase of either Birthright or Conquest. Revelations offers a third perspective; choosing not to pick either side in the conflict with Hoshido or Nohr, you sequester within the Invisible Kingdom of Touma and experience the war from a wholly different angle.


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Fire Emblem Fates is a top-down turn-based tactics RPG where the player takes control of characters on a grid-based map with a limited range of movement and attacks per turn, determined by each character’s class, equipment and level. Animated sprites give way to dramatic 3D battle scenes taking full advantage of the Nintendo 3DS family system to render battles in engaging realism when you come face to face with the enemy.

As you progress through the struggle together, your characters will develop close relationships with one another. In combat, characters with a high affinity for each other may step in to defend a wounded ally or attack alongside a close friend above and beyond the call of duty. Outside of combat, characters can fall in love, unlocking special scenes in the story between them and eventually children, creating unique powerful characters for your army with their appearance inherited from both of their parents, and can then go on to form relationships of their own.

Characters at maximum affinity can even re-class into their partner’s base class, allowing for their combat roles to be finely tailored, and as any children they may have enter the game at level 20 – immediately making them eligible for advanced class choices - encouraging affinity between your growing ranks can drastically increase the strength of your army.

Weapons & Combat

The player chooses between three difficulty settings at the start of the game – Normal, Hard and Lunatic – and also decides what happens to their fallen allies by changing the game mode. Classic Mode features the Fire Emblem series' permanent death mechanic, discouraging reckless decisions in battle by removing fallen characters from the game permanently. Gamers looking for less severe penalties may select Casual Mode, where fallen characters are revived at the end of a stage, or new Phoenix Mode, where characters are revived at the start of every player turn.

Combat outcome is determined by a combination of character level, weapon stats, and weapon type, with each weapon having strengths and weaknesses against other weapon types in a Weapon Triangle. The addition of new weapons and abilities has expanded the traditional Fire Emblem Sword > Axe > Lance > Sword triangle from previous titles in the series to Sword & Magic > Axes & Bows > Lances & Hidden Weapons > Swords & Magic for added depth and realism in combat.

Weapon durability has also changed; your best weapons no longer break after a certain number of uses leaving you stranded. Instead, more durable weapons now lower enemy statistics.

Online Multiplayer

Play online in up to five-versus-five multiplayer battles via Nintendo Network. Assemble your team from any save in your progress of the single player campaign of Fire Emblem Fates to play with friends on your friends list, other players through online matchmaking, by Local Play, or StreetPass battles. You set the limits and fight for supremacy in tight stages with a default limit of five minutes per turn on a selection of destructible maps. You can even play in your team’s castle, or visit your fellow players’ castles through StreetPass!

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