Freeme Superspot

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how to set up your superspot freeme pairing device

A PS4 accessory that will change the way you play your console forever! Superspot devices have outdone themselves with this piece of tech, compatible with PS4 and PC.

From Superspot Devices comes this incredible piece of technology that's going to change the way we game forever. No microphone on your bluetooth headset? No problem. The Superspot Freeme Bluetooth headset dongle allows you to connect any pair of bluetooth headphones to the Playstation 4, which utilises the compact microphone that you plug straight into your PS4 controller. Thanks to its size, the discrete Freeme microphone frees gamers of awkward wires allowing a more comfortable gaming experience.

The freeme dongle settings are very simple to customise. If you want to hear chat through the headphones and gameplay from the TV, just enter the PS4 settings where you can adjust sensitivity, devices, and audio output. Syncing the device to your headphones is as easy as pressing the pairing button on your headset. When the freeme's light begins to flash frequently, indicating pairing mode, this is when you begin to sync your headphones. You will know when they have paired once the freeme's light stays a solid blue.

But wait, there's more! The freeme dongle's compatibility spans further than just PS4 as it is also compatible with PC, laptop, and tablet devices. Lightweight, cheap, versatile. What's not to like? Pre-order your very own Superspot freeme dongle and mic here for only £19.99.

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