Hoverboard Segway

Swegway Hoverboards are the perfect gift this Christmas!

Glide effortlessly across the floor with the ultimate mode of transportation, the Swegway Hoverboard! The hands-free segway experience.


Float like a butterfly with the tech everyone's talking about!

The predictions were true. With recent headway being made in hoverboard innovation, Swegway Hoverboard PLUS is ahead of the game in hands-free mobility. This viral sensation has become a must-have for the trendsetters, and is soon to be a common appliance worldwide. The popularity of the Swegway Hoverboard PLUS has allowed it to gain attention from some of Youtube’s most prominent vloggers such as Alfie from the PointlesBlogVlog and passionate filmographer, Casey Neistat; both now proud owners of their own Swegway Hoverboard PLUS. You may also have caught a glimpse of the vehicle in a few Rhett and Link episodes who utilise their Swegway's around the office in order to increase productivity (or maybe just to make the work day more fun).

The Swegway Hoverboard PLUS self balancing technology makes it easy to use by anybody and requires very little practise to get the hang of. For the more talented few, you’ll nail it first time. By subtly shifting your centre of balance, the internal gyroscope and pressure pads can intelligently determine your desired direction making movement almost second nature. The intuitive design and internal gyroscope also makes tackling slopes and small bumps a breeze. As the technology assesses inclines and declines, the motors compensate accordingly by increasing speed or increasing resistance. Additional features such as speed regulation and standby when not in use providing additional safety measures to prevent users from causing harm to themselves or the hoverboard. Equipped with LEDs and high performance tyres, the Swegway Hoverboard PLUS can be used safely indoors and outdoors, day or night. The 48V samsung battery allows the board to reach speeds of 10 km/h with battery life allowing you to reach distances of 20 KM.

Swegway Hoverboard PLUS

Swegway Hoverboard Plus Black & White

Add some fun to your commute. Part skateboard, part segway, the Swegway Hoverboard PLUS is a revolution in personal transport allowing you to get from A to B with little to no effort. Above all, it’s quick, efficient, and fun! Learn to ride in no time.

Swegway Hoverboard PLUS 2

Hoverboard Plus 2 Black

The Swegway Hoverboard PLUS 2 has a more muscular design with bigger rims and larger footpads. The deeper tread depths make this model more durable on rugged terrains making it ideal for travelers. The PLUS 2 is the upgraded version of the Swegway Hoverboard PLUS and has a longer battery life.

Swegway Hoverboard X

Swegway Hoverboard X White and Orange

The Swegway Hoverboard X has a distinct angular design which fits in with its agile nature. Coming in a variety of vibrant colours and many custom decals, the Swegway Hoverboard X is the trendiest of the trio. More compact and lightweight, this upgraded version of the Swegway Hoverboard PLUS is for the thrill-seeker in all of us.

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