Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Teamwork, Tactics & Tension

Rainbow Six’s signature multiplayer returns this winter in Siege, the latest in the long running Rainbow Six franchise. Announced at this year’s E3 on June 9, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will be the first game in the series to come to Xbox One, PS4 and PC since 2008’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2. EXCITING!

Take control of the operators of Rainbow, a cutting edge blacker-than-black counter-terrorism unit with talent drawn from international Special Forces agents the world over, including the SAS, Spetznaz, GSG 9, GIGN and the FBI. Compete in fast-paced 5 on 5 multiplayer matches with gameplay centred on tactical play and realism in creatively destructible environments. Challenges like limited resources, friendly fire, body collision and no respawns make Rainbow Six Siege a team focused multiplayer experience with a critical emphasis on communication and strategy to ensure mission success. Teamwork and communication comes before running and gunning!

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What’s Expected

Rainbow Six Siege Screenshot

Explosive close quarters combat takes centre stage in this gripping tactical shooter, with tense 3 minute shootouts taking place in a constantly changing environment affording a distinctly dynamic feel to gameplay. Breach through ceilings, shoot eye lines through doors and rappel through windows to get the jump on your opponents. Make use of technical tools at your disposal to draw your enemies into a trap, pick them off one by one behind cover, or catch them off guard by blowing a hole right through their defensive line.

Choose your Operator in one of three game-modes. Play single player Situations, Compete against your friends in Hostage mode, or go up against the terrorist White Masks in Terrorist Hunt, playing co-operatively with your teammates against waves of AI enemies.

Each Operator has unique abilities, perks, Special Forces backgrounds and equipment, such as riot shields and heartbeat sensors, each tailored to their character. Your choice of team will be supplemented by one Recruit who can be outfitted and customised as circumstances require. The match begins with sixty seconds to evaluate your plan of attack or decide how best to defend, offering a chance to scout out locations with your drones and outfit your squad before committing your battle plan.

Eyelines and access points are constantly changing, and resources like drones, grenades, and breach charges are strictly limited, ensuring careful and strategic use. Operators are delicately balanced with several offensive and defensive skills each able to turn the tide of battle. Traditional run-and-gun tactics are quickly put in their place in Rainbow Six Siege, forcing your team to think about their actions.

Built in Ubisoft Montreal’s AnvilNext and RealBlast engine, RealBlast affords a whole new level of weapon physics including realistic explosions and immersive bullet impact kinematics. Shred soft furnishings and obliterate smaller objects in your way while riddling hard surfaces like metal and wood with clean bullet-holes. Chip away at concrete and brick, blasting heady clouds of dust and gun smoke into the air. Explosive charges blast through windows, walls, ceilings and doors with dramatic realism in a shower of splinters and brick.

Playing Online

Rainbow Six Siege Screenshot

Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer focused title. with an e-sports ready spectator mode, offering full view of the terrain unrestricted by the walls of the highly close quarters environments. Play and share your content with your friends either in the matchmaking system, or online. Gamers looking for that solo experience can find their match in new “Terrorist Hunt” gameplay mode.

Xbox Live

Rainbow Six Siege requires an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play online on Xbox One.

Playstation Plus

Playing online on PS4 also requires an active Playstation Plus membership, with cards available from us to suit you.

Watch the Trailer

Watch the trailer below - featuring the Russian Spetsnaz team!

We played the beta and we are stoked! Despite a lot of rough-cuts, alpha textures and frustrations typical of such an early release, gameplay looked solid, immediately bringing to mind the likes of CS:GO. We can’t wait for the initial release.

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