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    Mission Red Planet (Second Edition)

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    Customer Reviews

    by Ludmila on May 30th 2017

    Very nice game. With easy rules and beautiful components. Sending austronaut to control areas on Mars and get resources. Every player turn can change your plans immidiately, you have planned to go to Phobos, instead you go to memorial. Or the last action card you have got helps you to get resources which were under control of another player. The best player count for this game is 3-4. With 6 it is a bit chaotic, but more funny.

    by Silvestar on May 6th 2017

    Great fun. I don't see the meanness some people are arguing about because I cannot take it strategically serious. It's just a very fun short game with great artwork and is finally one area control iteration that doesn't provoke my psychopathic urges to flip the table. Also a great entry level game.

    by Richard on December 8th 2016

    This second edition of Mission Red Planet is brilliant little game from Fantasy Flight Games. With new artwork and pieces, this steam punk themed board game is easy to pick up and quick to play. I would recommend this to people who like the artwork and theme most as the mechanics of the game are not overly innovative, I still love the game though.

    by Nicholas on August 4th 2016

    I love Mission Red Planet! It is such a great game. In the game, each player has a hand of character cards. Everyone has to same cards. Players will each simultaneously select one card to play. The first player will and start counting in ascending order, and if a player played the called out number, they will resolve the card effect. Players will be trying to get their astronauts on spaceships headed to mars, and control areas of it to collect resources/points. The player with the most points at the end wins. I really enjoy this game for its player interaction, as you have to carefully select your cards, as spaceships can fill up. Also, the effects of the cards can mess with other players, so you have to take note of what other cards other players have used, and what they will have left. Fantastic game, highly recommend it!

    by Chris on April 10th 2016

    First off - I love the artwork here. It's a great improvement on the first edition print. There is also the addition of the moon Phobos, which I believe is not in the earlier edition. I'm bit of a sucker for games that have different win conditions for people, and this is one of those games. I also like that the element of chance is entirely lacking from this game. All players get the same action cards at the start of the game, and it's a question of when to play what card, depending on your individual mission and the actions of others. The theme doesn't come to life here, but I think the artwork compensates in that respect.

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