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    Customer Reviews

    by Dixon on February 10th 2017

    Psst...there are plenty of survival zombie games on consoles with fancy graphics, but nothing else will make you feel like you are in Walking Dead than this. This game pits you against zombies in dire circumstances which usually gets more challenging and desperate with each round, managing your limited resources, making tough decisions, utilising your character's unique abilities to your advantage, these are just some of exciting things you'll experience when you play a game of Dead of Winter, With plenty of scenario, characters to choose from, every playthrough is as interesting and challenging as the last.

    by Grant on January 5th 2017

    Really enjoyed playing this game with my friends. Reminds me of battlestar galactica in some ways due to the air of deceit it creates as you play - even if everyone is innocent. Turns out my friends alot better at backstabbing than I reaslised... The game can be hard to beat somtimes due to terrible luck when it comes to cards, coupled with the potential traitor in the midst of things. Combat with zombies is simple, and the fact you "store" your dice rolls and spend them as you see fit is fantastic. One of my favorite parts of this coop game, though, is the reduced ability for a single person to "take over". Sadly, one of the people i play with frequently has an alpha type personality and ends up trying to play the entire game by her self. Thankfully with everyone having their own objectives, the ability to do this is drastically reduced (people have no idea if you are a traitor, or just selfish) Played 5 or 6 games so far, and had a blast (3-5 people in each game)

    by Richard on December 8th 2016

    Simply put, Dead of Winter is an amazing board game. It is the very definition of thematic, it plays brilliantly in different sized groups and boasts a unique mechanic called Crossroads Cards. The game can be quite tough and comes with a multitude if scenarios to play through. The characters and stands are great and the overall design is flawless. 5/5!

    by Aniceto on May 25th 2016

    What a great coop game. Dead of Winter has two fantastic things going for it. The first is that it takes you the confines of a small town with a handful of locations (miming the classic claustrophobia of zombie films) and the second is that you have control of survivors with different abilities and a deck of Crossroad cards that trigger events if you control a particular survivor or do a particular action on your turn. The Crossroad deck makes the difference in this game between it simply devolving to a trigger or search fest to a deeply engaging story with consequences for all your actions.

    by Chris on April 10th 2016

    I can't say enough good things about this game. A potential traitor - I love that. The theme comes to life in this game more than any other game I've played (not that I'm a big gaming officionado, mind you). And I think that's in part because of the crossroads cards. Sometimes events will happen depending on actions of certain players. For instance, you may search a location and find there are some people scavenging - and now you have to decide whether to bring them into the colony (which has its pros and cons) or attempt to steal their food (I've invented this crossroads card). And in part, it comes to life because you feel the stress and strains that you would feel in a post-apocalyptic world at every moment. It's a constant battle to survive, and there are so many things you will want to do but only a few things you can actually do. So it forces the cooperative element also. But be aware, there may be a betrayer amongst you who is trying to decrease the group's morale, or is hoarding the food, or who knows what. You're controlling your own entourage of people within the colony, and your group will have its own secret aim. Maybe you feel the colony is responsible for some misdeeds and you need to take revenge. Or maybe you just want to pull together and survive the winter. To win, you need to complete your own objective. And that's another reason why I love this game - different win conditions. And sometimes those win conditions will make you look like the betrayer, even though you're not. This is a must-have, in my opinion. Great quality components, the artwork is great, and the replayability is just phenomenal. With 2 of 30 different characters you can have in your entourage (and more may join or some may die), the varying secret missions, the colony's global mission, the crises that happen every round, and the possibility of crossroads cards triggering. Just so many ways this game could play that you'll never play the same game twice

    by Daniel on April 5th 2016

    very nice zombie themed game with a large verity of interesting characters. the betrayer aspect is very deep in this game and you will have always take in count someone gonna blow your plans(unless you are the betrayer) a smart betrayer will win the game more often in my opinion because he can pull a win after one turn with not a lot of problems. over all very nice game!

    by Sime on March 25th 2016

    A Wow game! So much things to do every turn, Crossroads cards taking you places and events, challenging objectives and crisis requirements to meet, various characters to play with... This game repeatedly surprises you in a fun but challenging way. It posses brilliant mechanics to solve different situations such as voting, player choices and contributions. Almost forgot about special but deadly dice!

    by Daniel on February 1st 2016

    Already played it 3 times with my friends we enjoyed it very much! the game does a great job at setting an apoclyptic mood and will get you emotionally invested in it when you play with your friends for survival.

    by Julie on October 5th 2015

    I bought this game about a month ago and while I have not yet had the chance to play it a lot, the times I have played it have been fun and challenging. I like the mechanism that lets a player stay in the game despite that all their characters are dead. The scenarios are fun and games with traitors are a blast as you never quite know who to trust.

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