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    Pokemon White Version Game DS

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    Product Description

    Pokemon White Version Game DS

    Please note: this is the NTSC version of the game which is compatible with PAL systems.
    Any future DLC may require a US Nintendo Network account.

    Redefining the Pokemon series, Pokemon: White Version offer fans and newcomers alike a completely new adventure to discover and enjoy. And for the first time ever in the series, the two games feature their own individual areas to explore. Set in the Unova region, which is located far away from the Kanto and Johto regions Pokemon fans will be familiar with, both games also feature all new action-packed locations, such as the bustling urban environment of Castelia City

    Pokemon: White Version also mark the first time in the Pokemon series that the seasons will change in the game world. The result sees specific Pokemon appearing more frequently during particular seasons and also changing in colour or form. Furthermore, players can only access some areas during a specific season.

    As if that wasn't enough, players will also encounter more than 150 never-seen-before Pokemon, some of which can only be caught in each version of the game. At the start of the game, players can choose between new, older boy and girl Trainers, as well as from three new starter Pokemon - a Grass-type Pokemon, Snivy, a Fire-type Pokemon, Tepig or a Water-type Pokemon, Oshawott - before departing on their adventure with two childhood friends.

    In Pokemon: White Version the player is tasked with completing two quests. One is to complete the Unova Pokedex by finding and catching every Pokemon in the region - however, in order to fully complete the Unova Pokedex, players will need to trade Pokemon between both versions. The other is to become the Pokemon League Champion by battling with wild Pokemon and other Trainers in the region. Players will train their Pokemon with the ultimate goal of taking on the Elite Four and the Unova Champion! Thanks to some all new connectivity features you will be able to hone your fighting skills via the Random Matchup mode, using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

    Pokemon: White Version gives you the chance to see the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom! Zekrom can disappear inside thunderclouds and fly across the skies.

    Category - Deep Black Pokemon
    Type - Dragon-Electric
    Ability - Teravolt
    Height - 9' 06" / 289.32 cm
    Weight - 760.6 lbs / 345 kg

    • Capture and train 156 new 5th Generation Pokemon, with new moves and abilities
    • Explore the new region of Alleos, and try to save it from the nefarious plans of Team Plasma. The Alleos region also contains two version-exclusive areas depending on which version of Pokemon the player owns:
    • White Forest: A forest containing wild Pokemon and Trainers to battle. The player can find certain Pokemon from previous generations of Pokemon in the grass patches. The player can also take part in a competition in which, once per day, they must capture a specific Pokemon
    • Black City: A city full of tall, black buildings, where the player can battle other Pokemon trainers and acquire rare items. The player can challenge the trainers they find here to Pokemon Battles once per day. Their victories are tallied up and the player is rewarded with money that they can spend on rare items that are difficult to find in-game
    • Pokemon: Black Version introduces the Seasons mechanic, where the in-game environment changes depending on what month it is in real life. Seasons change monthly, rotating through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter according to the internal clock / calendar of the DS system
    • 3D graphics give the series a fresh new look
    • Introduction of triple battle. In a Triple Battle, Trainers send out three Pokemon at once in a 3-vs-3 battle. When taking part in Triple Battles, players must also take into account the positioning of their Pokemon, as this also affects the potential tactics within the battle
    • Video chat with friends over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection using the Nintendo DSi inner camera

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    Additional Information

    ESRB Rating Everyone
    ACB Rating G Classification
    FVLB Rating G Classification
    Genre Action/Adventure
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