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    New Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Console Metallic Black

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    Customer Reviews

    by Amaan on May 30th 2015

    This is a great improvement over the first gen 3ds as I've upgraded from the old 3ds to the new, larger 3ds xl. The head tracking system really solves that annoying problem of losing the 3d image with the slightest movement and the faster processor makes a real difference too. Well done Nintendo! Shame I had to buy a separate power adapter though, -1 star for that. Other than that its a great handheld device

    by Jordan on February 23rd 2015

    The New 3DS is very much about iterating on what has gone before rather than promising a full-scale revolution - but at the same time, as far as Nintendo hardware refreshes go, it's one of the most drastic; easily on par with the paradigm shift that was the Game Boy Advance SP, which famously introduced a backlit colour screen and a rechargeable battery to Nintendo fans for the first time ever. The processor bump makes the core UI faster and allows for better games in the fullness of time, with the unfortunate caveat being that existing 3DS owners aren't invited to the party. The head-tracking improves the system's much-hyped glasses-free 3D effect remarkably, while the addition of a second analogue stick offers the kind of control that really should have been present in the console when it first launched.

    by Neil on January 14th 2015

    Works Fine, Arrived Quickly.

    by Thomas on December 29th 2014

    Purchased 3 of these over the span of a few months and the service was great, the device is a huge improvement over the old one and it comes with firmware 9.0 out of the box as of the date i wrote this.

    by Sean on December 25th 2014

    Great Great Service from 365games - I ordered this on a monday and it arrived on the thursday - £2.99 sign for service. The new 3DS XL is just a really excellent device - playing the new zelda on it - it's absolutely stunning - the 3D is superb no more double vision when you move your head. It's just a killer handheld device I totally recommend this to anyone.

    by Jack on December 1st 2014

    The New 3DS is an excellent improvement over the original model that launched back in 2011. The handheld now boasts an improved processor and extra RAM that allow the 3DS to be more efficient and faster which creates a more faster and responsive experience. The HOME menu now instantly loads up games and other apps almost instantly thanks to the added extra power of the system. Apps such as the Nintendo Eshop also benefit from this upgrade as it loads so much faster meaning you don't have to wait for the program to load up and then connect to the Eshop servers. Comparison wise, it cuts out an entire thirty seconds from my own personal experience which is a massive improvement over the original. There are now extra buttons to help allow games to expand on what the original set of buttons on the 3DS could not, the C-Stick located above the main ABXY buttons is a great addition to the system and removes the need for the Circle Pad Pro peripheral and acts as a second stick which allows for easy camera control and the addition of extra moves in games such as Super Smash Bros. 3D. The New 3DS also comes with ZR and ZL buttons which are found next to their respective L and R shoulder buttons. Possibly the biggest feature for the handheld is the new 3D Stabilization feature, where a special camera with face detection technology tracks your position and adjusts the 3D effect, eliminating the need for holding the handheld in a certain position to make the 3D effect work correctly. The little camera works well in areas with bright light sources and it can still recognize you even if you're in the dark. -- In the end it's all up to you whether the upgrade is seen as justified. The improvements over the older models of the 3DS are very noticeable and make the 3DS an even more enjoyable handheld in the long run. The extra RAM and Processing Speeds will even allow developers to produce higher quality games when the time arises and more games will support the C-Stick and will always love to use the extra hardware when necessary. Just like the original Nintendo DS and when it came to the Nintendo DSi it had a lot of improvements that fans, over the years had noticed and notified Nintendo about. But if you've purchased a regular Nintendo 3DS whether it be an XL model or the 2D version then I honestly think that you should wait a little longer as you may feel a little sour of just instantly switching over to another model, ignoring the fact that you already purchased a 3DS a while ago. This happened with me and my Zelda: Link Between Worlds 3DS XL. --- As for me, I'm very happy with the item. The New 3DS' improved hardware make a faster and more streamlined experience as I always found myself waiting for quite a long time for games to load or even for apps to appear on the screen. I am also happy about the service here at 365games.co.uk and very quick delivery. Speaking to the staff members on the Facebook page was nice and it's always great to hear from the staff who are always willing to help you out.

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