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    by Jordan on February 23rd 2015

    The New 3DS is very much about iterating on what has gone before rather than promising a full-scale revolution - but at the same time, as far as Nintendo hardware refreshes go, it's one of the most drastic; easily on par with the paradigm shift that was the Game Boy Advance SP, which famously introduced a backlit colour screen and a rechargeable battery to Nintendo fans for the first time ever. The processor bump makes the core UI faster and allows for better games in the fullness of time, with the unfortunate caveat being that existing 3DS owners aren't invited to the party. The head-tracking improves the system's much-hyped glasses-free 3D effect remarkably, while the addition of a second analogue stick offers the kind of control that really should have been present in the console when it first launched.

    by Ashley on February 4th 2015

    I've also written a review for amazon as i wanted to share my enthusiasm for such a wonderful upgrade to a fabulous handheld game console. I wanted an XL version of a 3DS model, purely for the added immersion, but when i heard about this new 3DS and XL version back in November, and i'd seen an Australian Youtuber I'm subscribed to review this(Blunty3000), and express his love of the improvements, i knew i had to buy one sooner rather than later, and already loving my original 3DS in Aqua Blue, i decided to buy an import version, from another site, rather than wait for the Launch day here in the UK, as Australia and Europe share the same region for games :) Even our eShop will work on this unit :) Do i have any gripes or minor quibbles to look at before i get to what i really love about this new 3DS?...Just 2. (Won't lose points) The use of MicroSD for the storage which is inside the battery compartment like a mobile phone, but you won't need to access it often. I had to buy a 32GB card - A minor grumble, i also didn't have an adapter for it, so i had to do a wireless system transfer which took about 6-7 hours as i had 16Gb worth of games, and it's a pain when all you want to do is play - A Minor technicality though. And the C-Stick.....maybe its just me and i'm still getting used to it, it's responsive enough for what I've tried it with, which was quite a few games, it won't replace the Circle pad pro, but again, i only used it for 6 or so games, and before i forget, the ZL and ZR Buttons which are next to the shoulder buttons. I was astonished to see various other improvements: I'm aware the CPUs have been upgraded, and from what i've dug up on them, there's 4 CPU Cores running at 268Mhz and 4 Co Processors, Just keep in mind that's not a total(4x 268Mhz = 1Ghz), just more processors to share the load - FASTER!! - and the DS compatibility is still there. There's also been a RAM upgrade from 2x64Mb to 256Mb, this adds to the performance, kind of like having extra room for games to work in, and "New Nintendo 3DS" games are sure to benefit from this upgrade. I liked the repositioning of the Start and Select buttons, no longer the squishy Membrane buttons, the power button is on the front edge, and can't be accidentally knocked game play. The volume slider has been put on the display, which is less awkward than the original 3DS. There's no wireless switch, but you'd enable that in the brightness menu. The stylus and Game card slot are also on the front edge making it much easier to access, although you could accidentally eject the game card, which might cause some annoyance, especially if it's in sleep mode, and in a bag and not in use. I did also prefer the D-pad and buttons with their Matte finish, and clicky feel, instead of the slightly squidgy feel of the original 3DS. Battery life i think is a little longer than the original XL, but i'm not sure about the exact details, although there's the inclusion of an auto brightness option in the brightness menu which adapts to your environment's light level, which helps prolong battery life a little bit more. Finally....My Favourite, the Display and the 3D Effect, (I miss the little 3D Light on the original 3DS being absent on this model, personal preference) Compared to my Aqua Blue 3DS, I noticed the colours were noticeably deeper, which helps with the immersion. Although it has the larger screen, the resolutions are the same, and some might think it looks a bit stretched, though it's not as bad as it sounds. The 3D Effect on the upper display with help from the infrared head tracking next to the camera, effectively widens the 3D Effect field, although at worst, it'll briefly adjust quite rapidly and you'll only see a slight blur when it does. I really liked how the screens lock to 3 positions and click when in position. Once again, it's not a huge evolution in the 3DS, but everything I've mentioned makes it a worthwhile buy for those who want a new 3DS, i didn't mention the not having Face plates or the Charger because i'd like to think whoever reads my review is intelligent enough to have looked this up already if they're interested in buying one.

    by Peter on January 4th 2015

    As a first time buyer from 365games.co.uk, i would fully recommend them. Now onto the review itself, the "New" 3ds xl does exactly what it has been said to do, the new faster processor does indeed make doing every thing fast from loading games, eshop to getting back the home menu from inside a game, the C-stick controls really well and does its job just as it should as a replacement to the circle pad pro, and the new updated 3D feature which is what led me to upgrade to this 3ds works excellently, and you wont have to worry about keeping your 3ds in the perfect place every time you want use it. What i didn't know when i bough the "New" 3ds xl was about how the outer case looked i though it was a plain metallic blue but nope, it looks much better than that, so if you like how they look now you will love it even more when you see it in person

    by Harrison on December 1st 2014

    Received my New 3DS XL in quick fashion when 365games.co.uk shipped their first round on systems on November 28ths. The system is great, I successfully performed a system transfer from my old UK 3DS XL to the New 3DS XL from Australia. The performance boost was immediately noticeable on things like the home menu and setting things up, loading Smash Bros in particular is even faster. The super-stable 3D works, it can be dependent on lighting conditions but even in a moving vehicle you can fully appreciate the 3D effect with little to no disruption. The screen also has a noticeably improved black level for more vivid colours, even if you don't use the 3D. The system itself is gorgeous and I look forward to future titles that take advantage of the new system spec. One thing to note however, is that although the system supports Amiibo functionality with NFC hardware, Smash Bros currently does not. That feature will apparently be delivered by a software update in the future.

    by Sean on November 27th 2014

    So this isn't really a review about the product its more about 365games, but i feel its important that a review is placed here about what i am going to say, for potential buyers of this product. Lets be honest there are better known companies online, but who online is importing the new 3DS XL? so i was very wary at ordering, but I used my Credit Card ( for protection) and went for it. my son wanted to upgrade his 3DS to an XL model so i said might as well wait until the New 3DS XL was released, he agreed but was gutted that the UK wasn't getting these until next year. Well 365games, has just made me the best dad ever! as i will be gluing him back together on Xmas morning when he gets this not to mention no one else on the planet who matters to him will have one, serious bragging rights. The service from 365 is just brilliant, first you took on import and all associated fees and duty, then sold it to me at very very reasonable price certainly not greedy like some GAME ;) shops! and to top it all off had it securely delivered 1 day earlier than your estimate. I am very very happy with the service and i will use 365games for everything i can from now on. well done 365games.

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