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    Customer Reviews

    by Samuel Alois on September 19th 2017

    Really fun game for the entire family. This game introduced me to modern board gaming. Relatively easy to teach to newcomers aswell.

    by Yosef on May 8th 2017

    Ticket to ride europe is a very fun game for all the family. It is a very easy game to teach and learn. There are few more rules in this version then the original ticket to ride which i think makes it more fun. The components are good quality and the game has a nice replayability value. Every household should have one of the ticket to rides and in my opinion this one is the best to get.

    by Vikram on March 16th 2017

    Monopoly of the current times .Top gateway game that should be a part of anyone's collection looking to get into board gaming .

    by Dixon on February 10th 2017

    This game is easy to learn, fun to play, beautiful to look at. Full of charm of the Grand Tour by trains in the Victoria era, the map is beautifully drawn, the models of the train are well-made. Really good fun when playing with family and friends. You will definitely increase your knowledge of European geography as you are planning on your next route in building your railway empire.

    by Ilias on September 21st 2016

    Ticket to Ride Europe is a great Family game. Simple rules allow anyone to join the table and there is enough strategy, fun and excitement to please all age groups and all kind of gamers. It is the most popular game in my collection, which friends and family ask to play again and again.

    by Nicholas on August 2nd 2016

    So much fun! This is my favorite game in the Ticket to Ride series so far. It is simple to learn and teach, yet has a good bit of depth for those who want a bit more of a strategy game. It is a great game for families and beginners, but as someone who has been playing board games and has quite a collection, is a game that I don't mind having a round of every now and then. It has some of my favorite mechanics in the game, namely card drafting and hand resource management. And it is just fun seeing your train routes being built up!

    by Aniceto on May 25th 2016

    If you're going to play Ticket to Ride Europe, prepare to read up on the extra rules that are applicable only in the TTR: Europe game, and not in the North America map. Alan Moore's TTR Europe is a splendid crayon builder for the family. If you have to get any of the expansions, try the India and Africa maps.

    by Maria on January 23rd 2016

    Great gateway game for people of all ages. Been playing with friends and family. Non-gamer friends immediately wanted to purchase this for themselves after the first play. This map is recommended for 4-5 players for a tight and challenging experience. For 2 people would recommend getting an expansion with a smaller game.

    by Marko on November 6th 2015

    This is great game for new players and for experienced players. I played it more than 50 times and still find it fun and involving. I have taught it to more than 30 people (all different ages) and everybody liked it. And with experienced players, this game becomes really tense with blocking your opponents and trying to be faster than others. I recommend it to everyone to try it at least once.

    by Amadeu on November 3rd 2015

    A classic game improved greatly by the introduction of the stations, which can offer a lifeline near the end of the game. The tunnels require an extra element of planning when going for routes as you may have to pay up to 3 cards more. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first version of this game and those who haven't played it at all.

    by Matt on March 9th 2015

    This is an excellent board game for those new to the hobby or those trying to get others into it. The rules are very easy to grasp and the amount of player downtime is very short, meaning that all players feel a part of the game. The pieces are of high quality and the addition of wooden pieces are always welcome. A very good recommendation.

    by Tom on September 1st 2014

    Ticket to Ride Europe is a charming train-themed game. A simple enough game for board game novices but an extremely fun hit with the more hardcore board gamer. The game is quick to learn and easy to play. The aim of the game is to complete tickets (e.g. Edinburgh to Athens) by claiming routes of various colours. Turns are short (1 action per turn), which means there is little waiting for your turn to come around. The game board is beautifully illustrated, as are the train and ticket cards. The three additions from the original (Tunnels, Ferries and Stations) work fantastically in the game. I would recommend this to anyone. It is also featured on Wil Wheaton's Youtube show Table Top - check it out if you want to see this and other great games in action.

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