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    Customer Reviews

    by Silvestar on May 6th 2017

    We all know about this activity, and since it gave me a lot of great moments with dear people and a bunch of LOLs of course I am going to rate it high. The only problem is same as with Cosmic Encounter - experience is highly dependent on people playing the game (and no - that is not the case with all board games).

    by Nicholas on August 4th 2016

    Dixit is a pretty cool party game. Each turn the active player will chose one card from his hand and give a brief clue that describes the art on the card. Then other players will choose a card from their hand that they think matches the description. The chosen cards are then shuffled together and laid out and players vote of which card they think was the active players'. As the game goes on, players will get points depending on how to votes go and the first to get enough points wins. The cards are really great and the art on them are fantastical and fun to look at. Some issues are that the cards can get boring if overplayed, but of course there are expansions to fix that. Another issue is that, while I think that this will be great with many people, some people just get stumped and can't really give any good description of the cards. But, it is still a fun family/party game!

    by Chris on May 2nd 2016

    I very much enjoy this game. It plays like Mysterium, but without the theme. I know, that sounds awful - I actually love theme in games. But the Mysterium theme doesn't really mesh with the mechanics very well. In Dixit, you get the same pretty artwork and the same gameplay, but the game has been cut down to the essentials. It becomes a far cleaner game, and a lot more fun!

    by Sime on March 29th 2016

    This game provides so much fun especially when someone new joins your regular group for play. Simple rules make this game suitable for everyone but always challenging to win. It forces a player to be creative and imaginative and it is always a feel-good game, no planning and strategy involved unless you want to. Nice game for relaxation with your friends and family!

    by Stuart on June 13th 2013

    Dixit is a game of creativity and association. Players are dealt a hand of cards with strange, random but well illustrated cards. The active player ("The story teller") tries to communicate something from the card that they play in the form of a sentence, a poem, a phrase, a sound, a gesture, a dance - anything you can think of to describe your card. The other players then have to play a card from their hand that they feel matches the sentiment of the story teller. These played cards are shuffled and then the players (except the story teller) vote on which they think is the story tellers card. If everyone guesses correctly, then the story teller was too accurate in his description and everybody else scores points. If nobody guessed correctly, then the story teller was too vague and everybody else scores points. If just a few people guess correctly then both the story teller and those who guessed correctly score points (as well as anyone who played a card that also got a vote). It's a wonderfully simple game that even people who aren't very creative can play - because all they have to do is just match a card to what the story teller said. The card illustrations are excellent and can evoke a wide range of emotions/themes/references. A great party game for nearly any gaming group. I haven't played this game with anyone who didn't instantly fall in love with it.

    by Daniel on December 24th 2012

    Every now and again a game comes along that just takes your breath away and makes you want to rush out and tell everyone you know what you have discovered, this is one of those games. It is a game that will bring out the creative genius in each and every one of the players. I have played this countless times with friends and relatives and everyone has the same amazing experience with it. The game challenges you to describe pictoral cards (without being to specific) and people have to guess which card you were trying to describe. There are many different cards to pick from and they will make you describe what you are seeing in the most creative ways. You will laugh and possibly even cry for joy when you play this with the right people (pretty much everyone). It is a work of elegance and needs a place in your home.

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