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    by Conrad on July 10th 2016

    I've been played it for over 25 hours and currently in chapter 6. It is a great game, for both monster-hunter lovers and other action game fans. Just like most of the other reviews said, it is a fantastic game with high playability and nice graphics. However there are some downsides of this game. They are not quiet significant at the very beginning, but it is going to be more and more annoying when you played longer. 1. Missions are literately highly repetitive. Although this game is claimed to have 50+ hours of storyline, most of the missions involves exact the same boss. Literally same boss. For example, there are 17 missions in chapter 6 (which is the chapter I'm currently struggling with), while you are basically asked to defeat EVERY boss you've encountered already three times, and according to Toukiden Kiwami Wiki, you have to repeat basically same thing all over again in next chapter, chapter 7. And then finally some new bosses will come to you at chapter 8. As I've recalled, I've already encountered one single boss in at least 10 missions so far! It is extremely painful to go through the same thing (with a little—only a tiny little increase in difficulty) over and over again, and it appears to me that, the relatively long playing time comes from forcing you to repeat same thing over and over, instead of doing something really contributional. 2. Bosses have extremely high health points, and they are all rather easy to defeat. I can still remember the proud moment that defeating Ratholos in monster hunter 3. Ratholos was a quiet flexible boss with many unpredictable attacking moves, and you have to be fully prepared in response to its every single types of moves, prepare different equipments, remembering its flying route, etc. It is quiet exhausting but hugely rewarding. However, similar moment of joyfulness never ever occurred to me in Toukiden. Most of bosses have quiet predictable moves, and they've all tend to freeze for few seconds (maybe not that long, but long enough) for you to attack. You do not have to prepare different responses towards different moves, the onlything you need to do is running away from the boss and wait. On the other hand, all the bosses are having unbelievably high health points. On the last mission of the chapter 5, you will be asked to defeat one boss alone by yourself. That boss (I can't recall it's name) has incredibly high health point that I literally ran out of time defeating it: I've spent an HOUR and only managed to take around 85% of it's health, with the weapon that has relatively high damage. This really makes the game tend to be boring at the end. Most of time you are going to carry two to three professional NPC with you to defeat one single boss. You don't have to do anything but keep pressing triangle and square button, and rolling all over the map. I literally fell asleep twice. Maybe I was just not that professional on this types of games, but you will get my point in late chapter 5 and early chapter 6. 3. NPC. I have to admit Toukiden did have a quiet smart and interactive NPC AI. They are attacking what you were thinking they should attack, they are coming to you when you really needs them, they never do anything stupid or hanging around like bunch of robots, but feels more like several professional friends assisting you for purely friendship between the two of you. The problem is, you can definitely count on them, relying on them to carry out difficult parts for you, counting on them to pick up different body parts for you while bosses were attacking anyone who stands close. They know when to attack, when to retreat, when to use different buffes and skills to maximise the damage and safety——basically, you don't have to improve yourself, just imitating NPC. This makes me feel like I am the NPC that needs help. In general, I DID enjoy this game, and still believe this is one of the best action game on this system. This is not the kind of game that suitable for some free and lazy afternoon while you've decided to waste on a single game, but it is extremely suitable for an hour of relax after a long and exhausting day. There are lots and lots of weapons and skills for you to discover and trying out, and they are all worth trying and easy to handle. Despite all criticisms mentioned, this is still an ideal game for relax, which just what video games supposed to be.

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