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    PC & Mac - Price Drops

    Some retailers will slash their prices without telling you, and by the time you’ve found out – they’ve sold out. We understand how annoying this is, which is why we shout about our price cuts! Check out the latest price drops for our PC & Mac range.

    PC & Mac

    ItemStockWasNow Saving
    Quantum Break Timeless Collector's Edition PC GameLast one!£28.99£21.99£7.00
    Crookz The Big Heist Limited Special Edition PC Game Limited stock£8.49£3.49£5.00
    Dungeons II 2 Limited Special Edition PC Game Out of stock£27.99£22.99£5.00
    Wildstar Timecard PC Game (60 Days)In stock£13.49£9.49£4.00
    Dungeons Gold Edition Game PCIn stock£7.99£3.99£4.00
    Tropico 5 Game Of The Year Edition PC (GOTY)Limited stock£13.49£9.49£4.00
    Port Royale 3 Pirates and Merchants Game PCLast one!£7.99£3.99£4.00
    Wildstar Timecard PC Game (30 Days)In stock£9.49£6.49£3.00
    Mafia 3 PC GameIn stock£17.49£15.49£2.00
    The Dark Eye Demonicon Game PCIn stock£6.49£4.49£2.00
    The Dark Hills of Cherai 2 The Regal Scepter PC Game Last one!£5.49£3.49£2.00
    Mechs & Mercs Black Talons PC GameIn stock£4.99£3.99£1.00
    Dungeons Game of the Year Edition Game PCIn stock£5.49£4.49£1.00
    Boulder Dash XL Game PCLimited stock£4.49£3.49£1.00
    Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning Game PCLast one!£8.99£7.99£1.00
    QPAD MK-90 Pro Gaming Mechanical with Red Backlit Keyboard UK LayoutIn stock£93.99£64.99£29.00
    Rosewill Reflex RGM-1000 Laser Gaming Mouse with 8200 dpi and USBIn stock£28.49£18.49£10.00
    Aerocool Thunder X3 TM60 Gaming Mouse with 16000 DPI & Programable SoftwareIn stock£38.49£31.49£7.00
    Cooler Master MasterMouse Pro L USB Optical 12000DPI Black AmbidextrousLast one!£59.99£53.99£6.00
    Aerocool Thunder X3 by Aerocool TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Brown SwitchIn stock£48.49£43.49£5.00
    Aerocool Thunder X3 TM50 Gaming Mouse with Memory & Programable via SoftwareIn stock£30.49£25.49£5.00
    Aerocool Thunder X3 by Aerocool TK25 Programable Gaming Keyboard with 3 Colour LED LightsIn stock£20.49£16.49£4.00
    Powercool KB-768 V2 LED USB Keyboard Green/Red/Blue Backlit M/M FunctionsIn stock£12.99£10.99£2.00
    Aerocool Thunder X3 by Aerocool TK15 Gaming Keyboard with LED LightingIn stock£12.99£10.99£2.00
    Aerocool Thunder X3 TM10 Grey Gaming Mouse with 1 Colour LEDIn stock£12.99£10.99£2.00
    Powercool GM002V2 Gaming Mouse 2400DPI Switchable USB 7 Colour LedIn stock£9.49£8.49£1.00
    Aerocool Thunder X3 by Aerocool TMP30 Gaming Mouse Pad for Total ControlIn stock£9.49£8.49£1.00
    Aerocool Thunder X3 by Aerocool TMP40 Gaming Mouse Pad for Total Speed ControlIn stock£9.49£8.49£1.00
    StarTech USB-C to VGA Video Adapter with USB Power Delivery - 1920 x 1200 - WhiteLast one!£45.99£34.99£11.00
    Belkin HDMI to HDMI Audio Video Cable in Black 1.5mLast one!£14.99£13.99£1.00
    2m (6ft) Slim SuperSpeed USB 3.0 A to Micro B Cable - M/MLimited stock£17.99£12.99£5.00
    StarTech Slim Micro USB 3.0 Cable M/M - Right-Angle Micro-USB 0.5m (20in)Limited stock£13.49£10.49£3.00
    StarTech 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with USB-C Includes Power Adapter UK PlugLimited stock£54.99£48.99£6.00
    StarTech 3-Port USB-C Hub with Power Delivery USB-C to 3x USB-A USB 3.0 HubLimited stock£45.99£39.99£6.00