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    Mission Red Planet (Second Edition) Board Game

    Mission Red Planet (Second Edition) Board Game

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    Product Description

    Mission Red Planet (Second Edition) Board Game

    With technology rapidly developing and the human population growing, Victorian-era Earth is in dire need of fuel, land, and other natural resources. Fortunately, automated probes sent to Mars have discovered celerium, an ore that can be combusted to produce ten thousand times more power than a steam engine, and sylvanite, the densest substance ever found. More incredibly, the probes found ice that could be used in terraforming the planet, bringing the idea of colonizing Mars even closer to becoming a reality. As the head of a mining corporation, these minerals and ice found on Mars could make you unfathomably wealthy – if you can reach them before your competitors. You have ten rounds to send your astronauts into space, occupy the planet's most resource-rich zones, and harvest as much celerium, sylvanite, and ice as possible. At your command is a team of nine professionals. Each has a unique skill set, from helping your astronauts traverse the Red Planet to blowing up spaceships before they launch. In each round in Mission: Red Planet, players start by secretly deploy one of their character cards, with this card determining both when they place astronauts on the spaceships awaiting launch to Mars and which special action they take during the round. Each spaceship has a specified destination, and until an astronaut sets foot in a region, no one knows which resource they'll find. Players collect resources (worth points) three times during the game, and they each have a secret mission card that might grant them additional points at game's end. During the game, players might acquire an additional mission or a research card that changes the value of what awaits on Mars. The 2015 edition of Mission: Red Planet features the same gameplay as the original 2005 edition, but it includes: 

    • Components for up to six players instead of five
    • Special two-player variant rules
    • New action cards and revised mission and discovery cards
    • Mars' moon Phobos as a new zone that astronauts can explore before possibly returning to the planet itsel

    Customer Reviews

    by Christos on September 7th 2017

    An excellent game, everyone in my game group love this game. Fantastic artwork and gameplay.

    by Federico on August 7th 2017

    Icredible entry level area control game, with symetrical hand managment . The players have to choose to play characters that allow them to make certain actions, but planning is everithing couse the other players might use those same characters to spoil the plans! Enjoyable by gamers as a medium light game, and by families with a very good relationship. Better played by 5 or 6.

    by Ludmila on May 30th 2017

    Very nice game. With easy rules and beautiful components. Sending austronaut to control areas on Mars and get resources. Every player turn can change your plans immidiately, you have planned to go to Phobos, instead you go to memorial. Or the last action card you have got helps you to get resources which were under control of another player. The best player count for this game is 3-4. With 6 it is a bit chaotic, but more funny.

    by Silvestar on May 6th 2017

    Great fun. I don't see the meanness some people are arguing about because I cannot take it strategically serious. It's just a very fun short game with great artwork and is finally one area control iteration that doesn't provoke my psychopathic urges to flip the table. Also a great entry level game.

    by Richard on December 8th 2016

    This second edition of Mission Red Planet is brilliant little game from Fantasy Flight Games. With new artwork and pieces, this steam punk themed board game is easy to pick up and quick to play. I would recommend this to people who like the artwork and theme most as the mechanics of the game are not overly innovative, I still love the game though.

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