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    Customer Reviews

    by Antonio on February 22nd 2017

    great game. One of my favorite game, strategic beatiful and very very funny, my kids loves. All players planning your moves with cards. On each turn you play 4 or 5 action cards that dictates what your character does. You could move forwards, backwards, climb up on the roof, punch someone, shoot someone or move the sheriff. Awsome game! :)

    by Nicholas on August 3rd 2016

    Colt Express is such an awesome game. Just the set-up of the game looks so fun, as the game pieces are a 3D model of a train, with your meeples on it running around trying to rob and shoot each other, trying to get the most loot at the end. The theme is really an awesome one and really shines through, giving players the feel of being in an old western movie with outlaws running all over a train in motion. The game uses programmable movement, in which players plan their movement before any action takes place. As all players will take turns playing their action cards on one pile, you can try to anticipate what your best move will be, unless some effect prevents you seeing the other players actions. It is really fun when the action takes place and seeing peoples reactions to getting punched or shoot, or their actions not going to plan. I really enjoy this one, and whenever I play it, the session is filled with friendly banter and laughter!

    by Aniceto on May 25th 2016

    Yes. I'm a rooting tooting train bandit. So are you, and you, and you. And you got a train to rob. The little cardboard train with outlaw meeples and a marshall sits in the middle of the table as you plan your actions and then resolve them in order. Rounds move quickly, and players need to play close attention to what cards their opponents play.

    by Chris on April 10th 2016

    This is a great game for new gamers. It's got a light hearted theme, and the programming aspect is a great way to introduce people to new mechanics, if they are unfamiliar with modern tabletop games. The carriages tend to stay together in the box - and by the way, you don't need to take the carriages apart to put it back in the box because the insert has room for them when built. The mechanics are very simple, but it can become quite exciting because there are a small number of rules that can make big changes - e.g., maybe you can't see what other players are programming their character to do this round, or maybe one of the character's abilities means you get pushed into another carriage, which can disrupt the rest of your intended actions. Great little game, I've played this with adults and with 6 yr olds, and it works equally well

    by Adrian on January 10th 2016

    One of my favorite games, especially for large groups. This one plays great at 5 and 6 players. Everybody is involved in everyones turns and there are a lot of laughs. You all play as robbers on a train. On each turn you play 4 or 5 action cards that dictates what your character does. You could move forwards, backwards, climb up on the roof, punch someone, shoot someone or move the sheriff. But all these cards are played in th ebeginning of the turn, some face up and some face down, so by the time you flip the deck the reveal the cards one by one, you might not do what you were planning. You might have played a punch card because you assumed you would be next to someone. But instead someone had moved the sheriff into the car you were standing i and you wound up on the roof. Now you are left punching in thin air. This game is littered with moments like that. It plays in about an hour, and is very cheap considered what you get in the box. Awsome game. Highly recommended.

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    “Overall I couldn't ask for any better. I will continue to use and recommend.”
    — I. Barnard

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