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    Jamaica Board Game
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    Jamaica Board Game

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    Product Description

    Jamaica Board Game

    How else could the honourable Henry Morgan celebrate his 30 years of governing Jamaica than with a race around the island?

    Gathering every Pirate and Buccaneer around, the "Great Challenge" will be a memorable race. Not to mention - what's better than a race where you can earn some booty and shoot at your opponents? The ''Great Challenge'', that's what!

    The goal is to sail around the island of Jamaica as fast as possible, while gathering the goods required: gold for port taxes, powder for naval battles and food to eat while out on the high seas. Each time the pirates meet, they will have to fight to try and steal the contents of each other's holds (and maybe pawn off a chest full of cursed gold at the same time). And so, hoist up the sails and head towards Port-Royal. May the fastest and richest win!


    • 1 Game board
    • 66 action cards
    • 12 treasure cards
    • 80 gold tokens
    • 45 food tokens
    • 45 powder tokens
    • 6 plastic boats
    • 9 treasure tokens
    • 6 gold sheets
    • 3 dice
    • 1 compass


    • Raise the sail and straight on 'til morning.
    • Pirate racing around the Caribben
    • 2-6 players
    • 30 minutes playing time
    • Ages 8+

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    Customer Reviews

    by Marija on December 23rd 2018

    Fun pirate ship racing game. Wonderful design. It is not entirely based on luck, so that was a huge plus for us.

    by Flavia on December 5th 2017

    Excellent game. It's fun everytime you play. It's a game for the whole family ! You won't regret getting this Jamaica for yourself.

    by Chris on August 6th 2016

    A beautiful game - great cartoon-style artwork. The board and pieces are good quality. Even the box is great - when you open the box that looks like a treasure chest, the rule book has gold coins printed all over it, making it look like you've opened a treasure chest. The rules are pretty simple to explain, but the strategies can run a little deep. Sometimes it's useful to move backwards in the race in order to be able to attack people and steal resources from them.

    by Daniel on April 12th 2016

    fun family pirates racing game. you play a famous pirate that is racing across the island against other pirates that collect treasure on the way and try to finish the road first and get to the port royal. on the way you need to feed the crew pay taxes and fight you fellow pirates and steel their gold! very fun and not long game very recommended!

    by Laura on January 15th 2016

    Fantastic racing game with a bit of strategy involved...and pirates, which immediately ups the awesome factor. My partner and I have only just started getting into board games that lie outside of the standard “shop-shelf” games like Monopoly and Cluedo – we’ve played a few like Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride and Pandemic but were looking for a race game as it would differ from the style of anything else we owned. After watching a review of Jamaica on YouTube we decided to go for it as it looked fun and well designed. It arrived yesterday and we played our first game last night. We were initially confused as we pulled out what we thought was the only instruction leaflet and it was in German – turns out there are several instruction manuals included that are written in different languages, which is a nice touch rather than having a “French version” or “English version” of the game like many designers have released. Admittedly, we didn’t think the instructions were very clear at first and ended up on YouTube again watching a playthrough for better clarification. The instructions once fully unfolded are also HUGE which can make for awkward reading so I’d suggest Googling the PDF version on your phone or tablet and reading them there throughout gameplay. Once we got some idea of what we were doing, we unboxed the rest of the game – the artwork is phenomenal, it really is. It’s a very nicely designed game with quality dice and tokens as well. As for the gameplay itself, it’s fast-paced without feeling too rushed and, although some of the game is down to luck (it is a dice game after all), you can’t completely blame fate for your losses – there’s a lot of strategy involved too. I beat my partner’s score by a whopping 28 points due to getting lucky with regards to treasure tokens and him getting particularly unlucky during the combat rounds. I’m still not 100% sure we’re playing it correctly as to beat a score by more than double is a bit unprecedented for me in a game but I’m sure as we play more often we’ll get a better clue as to how to best each other. Overall, so far I think it’s a very worthy addition to any board game collection and I think I may actually take it to our games night tomorrow evening and teach our friends to play – would be interesting to see how the dynamic changes with four people rather than two. I suspect the gameplay may improve with two people.

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    Jamaica Board Game
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