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    Customer Reviews

    by Samuel Alois on September 5th 2017

    I have played Settlers since I can remember. It is a really good game, but can get boring after a while. It is perfect for families that want a little heavier game than say UNO.

    by Ariel on July 15th 2017

    catan is one of the most classic euro games there are. i would recommend every beginner to play this game in the start, to get to know this kind of resource based games. there are many different kinds of expansion to add more player (5-6, the base is only maximum 4 players) and there's also expansions which add more depth to the game. a must-have game for game board lovers

    by Dixon on February 10th 2017

    This classic game is fantastic to play with family and friends, but if you are playing competitive people, don't blame the game if you might not like them as much after. Easy to setup and learn, there is a wide range of strategy to victory, some more ruthless than others. But overall, this is a great game to play over and over again, for hours of fun!

    by Richard on December 8th 2016

    Settelers of catan is a classic. It is a great example of a easily accessible Euro Game for non-gamers. I have played this with various groups over the years and have finally gotten my own copy. Catan has an infinite number of expansions as well which makes this base game have the potential of endless replays.

    by Sime on October 24th 2016

    Classic! It is so easy to learn the rules but it takes some time to develop a good strategy. Excellent after several games with the same group when everybody develops some skills. A lot of expansions grants replayability over long time. Random tile placement is another tool of never playing the same game. Big recommendation!

    by Nicholas on August 2nd 2016

    I classic of board games! This is one of the games that pulled me into the hobby. This game has been around since 1995 and still provides tons of entertainment! The mechanics of dice rolling, hand resource management, trading, and network building are simple and easy to understand. So once you learn it for the first time and get past the first play of it (even if you don't have anyone to teach you, the rule book is a clear and simple read), future rounds will be a breeze and should play in under an hour in my experience. Also set-up and tear-down is very quick. It's a light and great game to introduce people into the world of designer board games

    by Aniceto on May 25th 2016

    Sheesh. Catan was a game I heard of, but never played fro the longest time because I got thrown in on the deep end of the Euro game genre. When I finally did play it (with four others in my group that hadn't played it before), it became our goto game for three months. We now pull it out occasionally. It remains the best example of a Monopoly Killer with all the best things a game should have (no player elimination, strategy, plenty of player options) and none of the negatives that Monopoly does (lucky dice rolls, player elimination, limited options).

    by Mihael on February 18th 2016

    This game is great. Easy to unpack. Setup is easy, fast and fun. Although it is recommended to play with four players (or three), the game is extra-fun with two players also. Rules for customize the game for two players is on Internet. Playing four-player game is well-balanced and the game lasts one hour max. The game is great for a family or small group of friends.

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