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    by Chris on August 6th 2016

    I love the concept of hidden movement games. This is a one-against-many game set in a dystopian future. A theme that I love. The miniatures are high quality, as is the board and the artwork. Everyone has a special ability, which is what really sets this apart from other hidden movement games. Even though you're part of a larger group scouting out one person, you're not just a pawn moving around. You have your unique abilities that can really change up the gameplay. Similarly, the infiltrator who is working alone has special abilities too. As a result, the infiltrator feels like s/he's constantly on the edge of being caught, while the coop team feel like they are constantly at a loss as to where the infiltrator is. One downside though: Once it gets to five players, one of the hunters is a traitor. I usually enjoy traitor games. But in this game, it just doesn't help. It adds confusion to the game, and can turn a 2 hour game into a 4 hour game. With 4 players, this is a real winner

    by Nicholas on August 3rd 2016

    This is an awesome hidden movement/deduction game! The game is one versus all, where one player is the secret agent trying to get the objectives on the map and escape, and everyone else is a hunter trying to stop him. The game is quite simple, in that it is essentially the secret agent moving around and the hunter trying to find him. But it also adds special powers for each different character and also equipment cards, which bring some variety to the game and multiple ways to play. The basic rules are simple to understand, but the interaction of some of the powers is a bit confusing, but there are errata sheets online, so it's not too big an issue. The components are great, especially the miniatures. The game is real fun, and provides for some tense moments. The theme fits quite well. I enjoyed the game best at 2-3 players. Great game!

    by Daniel on April 21st 2016

    the game fill kind of wrong to me, 2 long and the rules are hard to understand. the concept is nice but it is hard to get the real filling of the game for me. we played one game for over 3 hours and that was devastating and i wanted it to end as soon as possible. do not recommend to by unless you already played once and liked it.

    by Ivan on April 11th 2016

    A game of trickery and espionage, this game is a true hide and seek with special powers. One player is an agent trying to complete a series of objective in a top secret facility but he is not alone. 2-4 special genetically engineered guards are after him and they are trying to defeat him or contain him in the facility for long enough. The agent has a couple of powerful gadgets to even the ground, but it won't be easy for him. The game is great with 2-3 players, but in my opinion becomes a completely different game with 5 players (which includes a traitor). The 5 player game become intense, stressful and indecisive until the very end.

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