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    Terror in Meeple City Board Game
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    Terror in Meeple City Board Game

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    Product Description

    Terror in Meeple City Board Game

    In Terror in Meeple City, you arrive in Meeple City as a gigantic, famished, scaly-skinned monster! Your goal: Dig your claws and dirty paws into the asphalt, destroy buildings, and devour innocent meeples – in short: sow terror while having fun. The monster who has caused the most damage after the carnage finally ends wins the game.

    The buildings in Meeple City are comprised of floor tiles and meeples, with the meeples serving as pillars that support the floors. Four wooden vehicles are on the ground in the eight neighborhoods in the city. Each monster, which consists of a wooden paws disc and a wooden body, starts in one corner of the game board. On a turn you take two actions from four possibilities, repeating an action if desired:

     Move: Pick up your monster body, flick the paws disc, then place the body back on the disc.
     Demolish: If your paws are on the sidewalk surrounding a building, you can pick up your monster body, drop it onto a building, then collect any floors that have no meeples on them.
     Toss a vehicle: If you're in a neighborhood with a vehicle, you can pick up the vehicle, place it on your body, then flick the vehicle at a building or another monster.
     Breathe: Even while away from sidewalks with no vehicles, you can cause destruction by placing your chin on your monster's body and blowing across the board.

    Monsters tend to be messy when obtaining meals, but if you knock meeples off the city board, you might be punished for letting food go to waste, costing you a tooth or letting other players take an additional action. After your two actions, you can eat unprotected meeples on the ground in your neighborhood, but you can eat only as many as the number of teeth you have. If you knock another monster to the ground, you break off one of its teeth, thereby keeping it from stealing your food! Meeples come in six colors, with the colors representing different types of inhabitants: blue (journalists), green (military), yellow (blondes), grey (old people), red (heroes), and black (businessmen). For each set of six you collect in your stomach, you score 10 points at game's end. You score points for collecting floors and teeth, too, and you can also score for achieving the goal on your character card.

    In addition to the character card, each player has a power card and a superpower card unique to his monster, with the former lasting the entire game and the latter being a one-shot effect that's revealed only upon use.

    Terror in Meeple City includes rules for monsters that evolve over the course of the game, that lose points for meeples not in sets, and that want to combine two game boards to allow for play with up to eight players.

    Customer Reviews

    by Hans on February 8th 2018

    Super fun game! components are nice, rules are easy to explain even for young children. The power and character cards add a different dynamic every play through, which also can be taken out for very young children. Gameplay is fast and fun, one downside is putting the stickers on the front and back of the 90 meeples! However thats a small downside, and they don't have to be put on either. Overall the game feels smooth, plays fairly quickly, and causing lots of destruction is just so damn fun! highly recommend

    by Jessica on March 8th 2015

    I bought this game as I previously played it at a gaming convention but have been waiting it for it to come down to a reasonable price. It is great fun and is played best with the maximum of 4 players. The set up does take a little while but it is extremely satisfying to see the buildings go down during the game and the game gets you out of your seat so that you can move your character. The different powers and characters that you get to play as make the game different every time. You also have no idea who has won the game until the very end. Overall this game is great, buy it!

    by Paul on March 17th 2014

    + great quality components +.easy to learn but can still be played strategically + just plain fun from the demolish action to flicking pieces at your opponents + no two games ever the same thanks to the different characters and power combinations you can get + nothing down to luck and dice rolls it is down to dexterity - setup can take a few minutes - some games can be short based on setup time Overall cannot recommend this game enough

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    Terror in Meeple City Board Game
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