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    Twilight Struggle The Cold War 1945-1989 Deluxe Edition

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    Customer Reviews

    by Silvestar on May 6th 2017

    The meanest game in existence that is not unfair or "take that" - the game of constant losing and frustration. The only game around which I had serious argues with my girlfriend. It is mechanically not made for me because I simply cannot, even after more than 70 plays, remember to prepare for some nasty cards that are coming... Yet, it transfers Cold War events into its abstract numbers with such an elegance, it is thematically so correct and so full (despite necessary reduction to domino theory), and it is, after all - my first game, my first (kinda) wargame... I hate it, and I love it. There is no greater stress than rolling for coup, no greater proud than spreading communism through Africa or South America even though I know I will ultimately loose. Yes it can be random, or at least dice can ruin one whole game. But more often than not it balances itself throughout the session. Otherwise - it deserves a perfect grade. It is in the end, no more no less, the greatest board game ever designed.

    by Peter on March 18th 2017

    One of the best if not the very best 2-player boardgame out there! A tense thrilling battle between the two superpowers of the cold war using real historical events that occurred, proxy wars, influence, coups, and more to push democracy or communism to victory. The game is deep in strategy, rich in theme, and an incredibly fun time as you progress through the years of the cold war battling across the globe, a long game at 2-3 hours but a great experience. The components are top notch, the replayability is endless with so many strategies to try, a very well design game and one that lives up to its high rating!

    by Nicholas on September 14th 2016

    One of the highest rated and loved game in the board game community. It as an awesome 2 player game. At first glance it may look like a war game, but it is more of an area control game. The theme-ing is awesome, its the Cold War, so one player is the Americans and the other is the Russians. The theme is just so strong and just oozes out all over, the feel of the game overall and the cards and everything all give off a feel for the time period. It does take some time to play, my the experience is definitely worth it whenever you can get it to the table. It does look quite complicated, but it isn't too hard to learn. The game play itself though and the strategy and all is quite complex, as you try to out do your opponent. Definitely something I recommend if you have a chance to give it a go.

    by Aniceto on May 25th 2016

    I played Twilight Struggle once. The game ended with a win by Russia escalating and me (the US) backing down too late. The best thing about the game was the cards and the way they drive the game. Before long, you're thinking about your next game of Twilight Struggle.

    by Andy on May 22nd 2016

    Best game ever! a must buy if you enjoy history, strategic games, or is just a huge nerd like me :)

    by Sime on March 25th 2016

    Best two player game I have ever played. With so much possible strategies, exciting events and different actions decision making has never been more difficult... or easy ;) I have found that the game doesn't last that long until players make themselves familiar with the cards and have strong strategies because USSR have big advantage in the early phase and game often ends in the mid phase after only one to two hours of play. The Must Have Game, it never fails to surprise you!

    by Jure on March 8th 2016

    This is the ultimate game for two people, a perfect combination of fun, strategy and history. The game has an excellent replayabillity value and every time it is different outcome. Since the theme is based on real people and real events from the history it is even more fun because it is easy to enroll yourself into those characters. The only problem until you master the game is it's length in the beginning , it can last up to 5-6 hours. Never the less it's a perfect game.

    by Dang on January 4th 2016

    It's a outstanding game .Extremely difficult to master but easy to learn. The flexible event card mechanic makes it rich in theme, full of options and surprisingly replayable. But it's not a game that will be bring to play everyday because you have to block out about 5 hours in it but you will remember about it in the next month.

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    “The price was good and the game was perfect, so have no complaints! ”
    — A. Matthews

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