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    Customer Reviews

    by Charles on February 4th 2017

    Sheriff of Nottingham is a fantastic bluffing and bribery game and it's my favourite of the deception game genre. The components are beautiful and the idea of having bags to smuggle goods is really cool. As a merchant, you are attempting to deceive the sheriff by getting him to look in your bag if you have all legal goods or trying to get the bag past him if you have illegal goods. As the sheriff, you are just sussing out the truth, bluffs, double bluffs and triple bluffs (use extortion to your advantage here). I have played this with non-gamers and they really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

    by Nicholas on August 4th 2016

    Sheriff of Nottingham is a game that will provide a good laugh for everyone! In it players will take turns being the sheriff of Nottingham, while other players are merchants bringing in goods to the town. But merchant goods are put into bags and there might be contraband in them. Merchants will be trying to bring in their goods without any hassle while the sheriff will be trying to stop any contraband from getting in. Before goods get in, merchants can plead their cases that they have no contraband and can even resort to bribing the sheriff. While to sheriff has to decide whether to inspect goods or let them through. It is such a fun time as players converse about what is in their bags and pleading their cases, while the sheriff judiciously judges what goes through and what gets inspected and all. A great game!

    by Chris on April 10th 2016

    I have to say that this is a great game. The components are good quality, although the inlay could be better designed to stop things being thrown around when you're traveling with it. And both myself and a friend who has the game have the issue that the stand for the Sheriff standee always falls out. I've ended up taping mine on there. The gameplay is very simple - put some things in your bag and get them passed the Sheriff. Simple rules, and I love that. But from that starting point, things can get beautifully intricate quickly. The Sheriff might notice you discarding some of your legal goods - so are you doing that to get more space for illegal goods? Other players may be putting in lots of chickens in their sacks - and you're claiming chickens too. Is that plausible? You thought I was sneaking illegal goods into town before - but we made a pact that you wouldn't open my sack and let me go free, provided I do the same for you. Will I uphold that pact? Maybe I'll bribe you not to open the sack, or perhaps a few of us will chip in a little coinage together to get you to open someone else's sack. Here is the big downside (but keep reading - there's a solution to that). The received wisdom is that if you play honestly, without trying to smuggle illegal goods, you're likely to win. I've found that the main reason for this is the end-of-game bonuses. If you have the most chickens, you become King of Chickens and receive some coinage bonus. I say ditch this rule. When you do that, it becomes far more important to start smuggling illegal goods into your market. And I've found that the scoring becomes a lot closer. So in conclusion, I think this is a fantastic game. Very simple, can be played with children and adults (and I've played with both), everyone laughs and has a good time with it, it's easy to learn, and the game can become quite intricate and complex

    by Josip on January 17th 2016

    This game has a Poker flavor, on the surface it may not look like it but it is all about psychology. I've played it with my family and I've played it with my friends. It works both as a family game and a party game. Well, a small party maybe, because it has a 5 player limit. It is so easy to get into it because there are no complicated rules. Currently the best bluffing board game out there.

    by Jonathan on March 9th 2015

    This is a very solid bluffing game where each player gets to be the sheriff twice. Being the sheriff means that all of the other players must look you in the eye and tell you what goods that they are taking into the city (they of course may be lying, and their cart might contain contraband as well as legal goods). This is where the bluffing aspect comes in. Each good has a value, legal goods are generally not worth a huge amount, so if you are caught smuggling legal goods that you did not declare, then the fine is small. Contraband goods are worth roughly twice as much and thus the fine will be larger too if caught. Once you have told the sheriff what goods you are taking into the city, the sheriff decides whether to inspect your cart or not. The sheriff can be bribed not to, and whoever turns out to be wrong must pay the fine. The fine that must be paid if caught is less than the sale value of a good, so the trick with offering to pay a bribe is to convince the sheriff that the amount that you are willing to pay is more than the fine you would pay if the sheriff decides to open your cart and inspect your goods. There are of course other bluffing strategies such as refusing to pay anything and bluffing that you have no contraband. There is not a huge amount of information to go on when deciding if someone else is bluffing or not, you can see which face up cards each player draws if they decide to replace some of their cards, but there is also a face down deck that can be drawn from instead. You can also see how much contraband was smuggled in on previous turns and all legal goods that everyone has collected is open information. There are very few modern bluffing games to choose from, while this game is not perfect, it is one of the best bluffing games around.

    by Joel on December 12th 2014

    I took a punt on this one because I loved the art style and the description, and it wasn't too expensive. I'm really pleased I did, because it's very fun and not too similar to many other games out there (that I'm aware of). I'm a big board-game player, and it's nice to see something with a bit of a different direction. Personally, I would be tempted to give this more than 4 stars, but a couple of things hold me back. One is that I think my gaming group is perfect for this game, whereas for some other groups it might not fit quite so well. Our group is competitive without being in-your-face about it, meaning that when I was losing horribly at this game I was still enjoying it, but when I was winning I still had bragging rights. If your group is VERY competitive, it might be off-putting to the loser (and in my experience there has always been someone who never really gets going and ends up with half the score of everyone else). Alternatively, if your group isn't at all competitive, or isn't good at bluffing, it might be an uneventful game. Secondly, I've only played this three times so far, and would definitely play it some more, but I imagine it gets a bit samey after a while. That might end up not being the case, but it feels that way at the moment. Anyway, relatively minor complaints. Overall a very good game that I'm pleased I took a chance on.

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    “Overall I couldn't ask for any better. I will continue to use and recommend.”
    — I. Barnard

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