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    by Peter on April 26th 2016

    Brilliant game. If you've ever played the likes of Dead Island you'll love this. There's a lot of running around, picking up any weapon you can find before clouting the hordes of zombies in the face to increase xp. The map is very large and there are numerous locations to explore, with crafting and healing items to find. Zombies can be killed in multiple ways, however given the fact that large groups of them tend to congregate all over the game is heavily centred on parkour, so there is a lot of climbing, running and leaping between buildings to avoid the zombies as opposed to killing them. Engage, and you're likely to perish quickly. And that is just in the daytime. Things change at night when the much faster and harder zombies appear, and if you're caught out in the open, well your chances of survival are slim to say the least. A fab game, if not a little tougher than the Dead Islands.

    by Amaan on June 2nd 2015

    Love this game and its pretty cheap here on 365 games. The game is about a zombie outbreak in the open world city of harran. The free running aspect of the game is extremely fun and can keep you entertained for ages. Ther story is also very fun and i like the play as a zombie mode.

    by Adam on March 30th 2015

    Dying Light is truly exceptional, Yes the parkour elements can be a little hard to get to grips with and yes sine if the zombies do look a little copy and pasted but if you give it time and look beyond it's small imperfections this game is an absolute delight to play, especially good in Co-Op mode! I've plumbed about 50 hours into this game and still I am finding new things and having fun so in my opinion this is a great game and very good value for money! If you like Mirrors Edge and Zombie games/culture, this game is definitely for you.

    by Dom on January 16th 2015

    Set in the city of Harran after a vicious outbreak begins to spread, Dying Light tasks players with surviving through any means necessary. Use the daylight to hunt down resources and supplies to survive the epidemic. Oh and watch out for errant humans bent on taking your supplies.

    by Pat on January 16th 2015

    Never been a huge Zombie fan but this seems a bit different. A mix of slow stupid and fast dangerous infected should keep me on my toes long enough to get my money’s worth out of this game. But considering how cheap this is that shouldn’t be a problem.

    by Mary on January 16th 2015

    Cannot wait for this! Zombie bashing, free running, cool story. Could be brutal! I’m getting ready to sink some serious hours into playing this, the whole night time mechanics that make the zombies stronger just freaks me out a bit. But not enough that I won’t pre-order.

    by Andy on January 16th 2015

    I’ve been after this game for a while and can’t find it cheaper anywhere else. I’m looking forward to zombie mode so that I can get away from the usual zombie apocalypse game style. The parkour aspect looks pretty cool too, it’ll probably be essential for getting away from them at night.

    by Tom on January 15th 2015

    This game looks insane! After completing The Evil Within I want something to get the adrenaline rushing and after seeing the trailers this has got to be it! Plus IT HAS LOADS OF ZOMBIES :D They're not just any zombies though, they look smart and eerily cunning so that they will have you cornered down an alley before you realise what's happening. It's just killing me inside having to wait for it!

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